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What is the Bible about?

I will never forget the first time I attended the annual E.K. Bailey Preaching conference in July 2022. It’s where preachers and their spouses come together for a 3 day event full of powerful preaching, teaching & workshops focused on God’s word. Think of it as the Super Bowl for preachers. As a young minister, it was an honor and privilege to witness such powerful preaching and exposition of the Word of God. Dr. Tony Evans not only preached while I was just 3 rows back, but would be honored as a Living Legend. An honor that was more than deserved given his body of work.

While at the event one morning, I connected with a minister friend of mine by the pool (intentionally to enjoy the calming scenery). He has been a mentor of mine as I grew in the ministry. He asked me one of the most profound questions I have ever heard. “What is the Bible about?”. As someone who studies God’s Word often my mind was racing! This should be easy but the Bible is so deep and filled with life changing content through 66 books, how can one answer this question accurately? 

  • The Bible is about God’s love…
  • The Bible is about Christ and His sacrifice… 
  • The Bible is about what we should and shouldn’t do… 

I mean the Bible contains 66 books, written by 40 divinely inspired men, across 1500 years, 3 continents, 3 languages and 6 genres, making it the most unique and popular book ever written. Somehow, I am supposed to answer this "simple" question. I became paralyzed and could not come up with an adequate answer. He responded to me stating it is about, "Who God Is and What He likes."

Over the course of a year, I became fascinated with this question. Now from a doctrinal perspective, the bible is about Jesus Christ in His person and work in His 1st and 2nd coming, and as a result, no portion, including the Old Testament, is properly read or understood until it leads to Him. But what does that mean to me in terms of applying it to my life? As I studied and continued to teach at my church, the Bible became more vivid, personal and tangible to me. I began to recognize a pattern relatively in line with what my friend had shared. The Bible is about:

  • Who God is.
  • God's Relationships (with Himself and us)
  • God's Expectations (benefits & consequences of accepting or rejecting them)

Although this summary seems pretty basic, it is packed with detail as you dig into each of these categories throughout the scriptures. When you understand the macro, the micro is elevated. As I continued my studies I began to seek and recognize these categories throughout the scriptures even starting in Genesis. It provided new context with applicable and practical guidelines to live by.

Throughout the bible , over and over and over again, God is showcasing Who He is. He shows through His love, mercy & grace His yearning desire for us to have a relationship with Him and how to have healthy relationships with others. Finally, He clearly lays out His expectations of us and provides us every reason for us to love Him back and to be on His team (Team Christ). There are great benefits, both here in the present and eternal, in doing so. Understanding and embracing His word is the best way to do that.

~Team Christ Gear 

Written by: Ramsey

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